Award Programs

While most recognized in the dressage arena, Lipizzans excel in other equine disciplines as well.  The U.S. Lipizzan Federation (USLF) participates in the USDF's All-Breeds Awards program and also administers awards programs for Lipizzans and XL Lipizzans competing in other disciplines.

USLF Lipizzan Laurels Awards Program

The USLF Awards committee, a new committee focusing on awards for Lipizzans competing in recognized shows other than the USDF’s All-Breeds Year End awards, rolled out the USLF Lipizzan Laurels Awards Program at the 2014 Symposium.

Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Awards Program

Designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage, these awards are presented to horses declared for a participating registry/organization (PO) with USDF. While “Open” is the standard division and “Training through Grand Prix” are the standard levels for all-breeds recognition, optional division awards can be presented in the following categories: freestyle, adult amateur, junior/young rider, vintage cup, FEI young horse, or dressage sport horse breeding.

USLF All-Breeds requirements are: owner and rider must be USLF members and Lipizzan / XL Lipizzan must be registered with the USLF.

Planning to compete in 2017? Visit for specific All-Breeds Award Rules or contact USLF Awards Committee at

Your Lipizzan or XL Lipizzan must be declared with USDF by August 1 of the award year in order to participate in the All-Breeds Award program. Horses previously declared will remain declared.

2016 USLF LIPIZZAN AWARDS - including USDF/USLF All-Breed, RALPH NEWHOUSE Perpetual Trophy,  Laurels and Stars, and the FIRST INGUN LITTORIN Memorial Driving Award

2015 Lipizzan Laurels and Stars Awards and the USDF/USLF All-Breed Awards

2014 USDF All Breed Awards

2013 & 2012 USDF All Breed Awards