Our Mission - Preserve, protect & promote the Lipizzan breed.


years of careful breeding

Lipizzans represent over 450 years of careful breeding, founded upon selection of superb horses gathered from all over the world. The breed not only possess the beauty and nobility, but also a rare combination of courage, strength, ability, temperament and intelligence.



purebred Lipizzans worldwide

Also known as Lipizzaner, they can now be found in places distant from Europe such as Australia and South America. Extreme care is taken to insure that the purity of the breed is preserved.




purebred Lipizzans in N. America

In North America, the USLF continues to educate breeders and provide opportunities for evaluation of horses.

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This community of Lipizzan breeders, owners and enthusiasts provides a registry for this rare baroque breed and actively works to preserve, protect and promote the Lipizzan breed. Lipizzan horses represent over 450 years of select breeding for beauty, nobility, and a rare combination of courage, strength, ability, temperament, and intelligence. This breed has captured the hearts of those of us who have been fortunate enough to spend time with Lipizzans.

Photo credits: John Borys Photography/Property of Tempel Lipizzans

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All proceeds go to promote the    USLF Mission   .

All proceeds go to promote the USLF Mission.

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The Registration Committee is looking forward to assisting you transfer or register your horse. Find simple online forms or contact us directly.

BREEDER Information

Lipizzan breeding requires thoughtful knowledge and analysis of bloodlines, conformation and disposition to preserve this rare breed.

horses For Sale

Search Lipizzan and XL horses for sale or adoption in North America. Our goal is to be a resource for people looking to acquire a Lipizzan.

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The United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF)  publishes the USLF News, a quarterly magazine dedicated to  the Lipizzan breed and to Lipizzan enthusiasts. Each issue features a variety of informative articles on Lipizzans, including historical events, training, health, reports on training clinics, and other submissions from our members.  You will also find organizational news as well as information on upcoming events.  If you are interested in stallion services, or purchasing a Lipizzan, you may find that special horse from our advertisers.

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Award Programs


While most recognized in the dressage arena, Lipizzans excel in other equine disciplines as well.  The U.S. Lipizzan Federation (USLF) participates in the USDF's All-Breeds Awards program and also administers awards programs for Lipizzans and XL Lipizzans competing in other disciplines.