Our Board

Our USLF Directors are volunteers and each year 4 of the 8 Director positions are elected by our members. The 4 positions include election of the President or Vice President of the Board on alternate years.  The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed each year by the Board.  Each board member term is for two years, but there are no re-election limits.


Lisa Kelly Simmons, President (OR)

Lisa Simmons is a self-employed Professional Engineer who lives outside Eugene, Oregon with her husband Jase.  Her parents Kathy and Jeff Kelly live nearby and together they share St. Cloud Ranch, currently home to four Lipizzans (Gabriola, Alsea, Maestoso Troja and Siglavy Acatherina). The Kelly Family has an extensive history of supporting the Lipizzan breed.  Kathy Kelly is a former USLF Director and still an active volunteer in day-to-day operations.  Jeff Kelly continues to serve on the USLF Registration Committee.  The Kelly family has also created a research database of Lipizzan pedigrees.  In 2014 Lisa and her parents traveled to the Czech Republic to give presentations on the database as well as the USLF mtDNA study at that year’s Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) General Assembly.


Lynn Smith, Vice President (OR)

"Lipizzans entered my life quite unexpectedly, and as they so often do, pretty much out of the blue. I didn't see it coming. In hindsight, I realize that first attraction and the first attachment was deep and permanent. Since that time, and living for many years with four mares, I realize that Lipizzans have come to not only define and fill my life but to infuse my identity.  

Serving on the USLF Board of Directors is one way that I can hope to both pay it back and to pay it forward – to do what I can to support the Lipizzan breed and the community of Lipizzan owners and enthusiasts.  Oh, and I am also a puzzle junky." --  Lynn Smith


Dianne Schultheis, Secretary (WA)

Dianne completed a successful career as a corporate governance paralegal at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Since that time, she has worked actively as a community volunteer. Dianne served on the board of Hopelink, a King County agency helping families out of crisis and on to self-sufficiency, and chaired the Development Committee. Dianne has also served on the Board of Treehouse For Kids, a Seattle based nonprofit providing services to foster children. She is a member of the Washington Women’s Foundation, a collective giving organization managing a fund of over $500,000, supporting organizations in the areas of Education, Environment, Arts and Culture, Healthcare and Social Services. For the past ten years, Dianne and her two Labrador Retrievers, certified therapy dogs, maintained a weekly visitation assignment in K-3 classrooms with the canine assisted literacy program known as Reading With Rover.

In 2013, Dianne returned to her equestrian roots and is enjoying the pursuit of Classical Dressage with her registered Lippizzaner partner, Pluto Sorria. She is a member in good standing of Equestrian Institute, Lake Washington Saddle Club, Pacific Northwest Lipizzaner Club, USDF, USEF and USLF.


Margaret Tremain, Treasurer (WA)

"I met my first Lipizzans in 2009 through June Boardman.  One of her sales horses captured my imagination and heart and became mine soon after.  Four years later his colt herd best friend crossed my path and I now have a happy family with the two boys.  I am a hobbyist.  I am not a breeder, and I am not presently active in the show world.

I have been fortunate to have the boys clinic annually with current and former riders from the Spanish Riding School.  Through them, through research, and through members of this group and the LIF, my fascination with the breed has grown in depth and breadth." -- Margaret Tremain


Rennie Squier, Director/Registrar (OR) 

"I first became interested in the Lipizzan breed back in 1988 when I began trimming and shoeing for June and Leonard Boardman at White Horse Vale in Washington State. I was so impressed with the feet and the temperaments of their Lipizzan horses! We brought our first mare home from WHV in 1989 (she is still with us at the ripe old age of 30!). While we no longer breed regularly, I ride a Lipizzan mare we bred and hope to start her in harness soon, as her mother was my great Combined Driving horse for many years. I also enjoy trail riding, a bit of Working Equitation and have dabbled in several other pursuits." --  Rennie Squier


Katherine Arce, Director (TX)

"I have been involved with horses since my folks put me into Pony Club as a Kindergartener. There was no turning back, but we moved when I was in elementary so I became a 4-Her up through my high school years. Horses were one of my many projects: My Shetland and my Paint mare did many halter and western shows. (English was not a 4-H event back in the day in Kansas.)
In university, the horses took me down a different path.  As a Spanish  and Latin American Studies major, I spent many years abroad which narrowed my horse world to the Iberian breeds.  Once we returned to the US I concentrated my "adult horse" search on them. Yet, I didn't wind up with Iberians, I ended up with a yearling Lipizzan filly, Samba (M. Calcedona II x Halina) So since 2001, I have been involved with the Lipizzan breed. As you probably know, having one Lipizzan will lead to more, and our herd currently is at 3." --
Kat Arce


Kate Phillips, Director (MN)

"I am a "R" dressage judge and own Mississippi View Farm,  a dressage training facility in Minnesota. I have taught dressage for over 30 years, with many clients competing through FEI levels.
I became a "Lipizzan person" five years ago when I became the rescue home for a 7-yr-old unbroken Lipizzan stallion Neapolitano Wandosa ll. I have since acquired a number of mares, and now have the largest number of young Lipizzans in the US, and have sold young horses throughout the country. I have also taken 8 Lipizzans to USEF dressage competitions, with a number of Regional Champions, and placings at US Nationals.
More importantly, I have developed a passion for this breed that makes me want to increase my involvement with the  national and international Lipizzan community. I truly believe this breed has a place in the dressage community, especially amongst the fastest growing demographic, the adult amateur."
-- Kate Phillips


Jennifer Roth, Director (NC)

" My addiction to Lipizzans started in 1971.  I was 15 years old, and passionately wanted to learn Dressage.  Charles de Kunffy, whom at that time was my riding instructor and high school teacher, said I needed to go to Europe to ride schoolmasters, as there were none in the US.  My brave mother allowed me to go to Karlsruhe, Germany, at Von Neindorff's, one of the most famous riding schools in the world.  Egon Von Neindorff had a few Lipizzaners there as schoolmasters; they were well trained but could be very naughty. Since the late 80's, early nineties, I have trained and competed many Lipizzans (and other breeds) to numerous USDF National Championships through the FEI levels.  In 1990 I began a Lipizzan breeding program. I have visited four European state Lipizzan studs - Piber, Lipica, several different ones in Romania including Sambata de Jos, and the National Stud Szilvásvárad in Hungary.  In 1996, Dr Oulehla invited me to attend the selection of young stock in Piber.  This was an unforgettable experience at that time, spending the weekend with Chief riders Herr Reigler and Herr Kottas. In 1997, I began a now long-standing relationship with Chief Rider and Director Andreas Hausberger as my riding instructor and dear friend. I am a United States Equestrian Federation Dressage "S" judge and have been actively judging National shows since 1985.  I am a Board member of the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation.  I do not know how long I have served on the USLF Board, on and off since the 90's.  I have seen many decades of positive change in USLR, now USLF. " - Jennifer Roth

To contact a board member please contact the USLF office.
Office Phone: 503-589-3172