USLF Registry

The Registration Committee looks forward to helping you register or transfer your Lipizzan horse. The first step is to become a member of the USLF. You will then be able to access registration and transfer forms. Below you can find general information about registrations and transfers, identity testing for suspected Lipizzans, and registry related reference files.

Horse Transfer

Transfer COR: When you purchase a Lipizzan or Lipizzan cross you will need to follow the steps below to transfer your horse.

  • Become a member of the USLF.
  • Complete the online transfer form available to members.
  • Make payment.
    • $15 within six months of the date of sale.
    • $25 more than six months from date of sale.
    • $62 for a horse already registered with another Lipizzan registry.
  • Mail the ORIGINAL Certificate of Registration to the USLF office. The back of the COR must be signed by the owner of record and list the new owner.


To register your Lipizzan or half Lipizzan horse you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Become a member of the USLF.
  • Complete the registration form available to members.
  • Make payment.
    • Horse Registration: $147
    • Discounted Registration for foals under six months of age: $87
    • Registration of a horse already registered with another Lipizzan registry: $62
  • If you have 5 or more horses to be registered a herd discount is available. Email the USLF Registration Committee at the USLF office for more information.

Horse DNA Testing for Identity

We are often contacted by people wondering if they have a Lipizzan.  In these situations we can run Parent Verification (PV) DNA on the horse (requires a hair sample) and compare it to our existing database to determine if

  1. It is an exact match for a previously registered horse, or
  2. If there are any potential sire or dam matches in our database. 

We also have a breed "fingerprint" method under development using the PV DNA that can suggest if a horse is purebred Lipizzan.

To initiate testing, please complete the following form.  The DNA testing fee is $47.  A DNA Submission Form will be emailed to you in pdf format. 

Alternatively, payment may also be made by sending a check directly to the USLF office - make sure to include all the information requested on the below form.

Stallion Reports

You may submit a stallion report online for up to four mares. If you have five or more mares (or prefer not to do the online form), please download and print the PDF.

Miscellaneous Payment to USLF

Enter your name and what the payment is for.  Use the Buy Now button and enter the $.

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