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Neapolitano Wandosa II at Missippi View Farm

The United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF)  publishes the USLF News, a quarterly magazine dedicated to  the Lipizzan breed and to Lipizzan enthusiasts. Each issue features a variety of informative articles on Lipizzans, including historical events, training, health, reports on training clinics, and other submissions from our members.  You will also find organizational news as well as information on upcoming events.  If you are interested in stallion services, or purchasing a Lipizzan, you may find that special horse from our advertisers.

Subscription to the USLF News is included with all classes of USLF membership (a $36.00 value). Individual issue price is $9.00. Become of member of USLF and receive the USLF News delivered to your door!

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