Lisa Simmons

Lisa Simmons

POSITION: President

CANDIDATE: Lisa Simmons - or (incumbent)

I am a passionate advocate for the Lipizzan breed in North America. I have served as USLF President for the last three years and previously I served for two years on the USLF Board as a Director-at-Large. I pursued my education and understanding of the Lipizzan breed so that I could bring that information to USLF and the North American Lipizzan.  I attended six North American breed evaluations representing four different European judges. I also attended two Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) General Assemblies and one LIF judges training event.  In addition, I have visited five of the European State Stud Farms.

I strongly recognize that USLF’s mission to preserve, protect and promote the Lipizzan breed relies on the collective strength of our membership. The involvement of our membership is more important now, then ever, as we experience declining horse numbers.  

My intention as President is to continue to involve members and facilitate ongoing conversations in order to bring long-term stability to the Lipizzan breed in North America. 

Ms. Simmons is a self-employed Professional Engineer who lives outside Eugene, Oregon with her husband Jase. Her parents Kathy and Jeff Kelly live nearby and together they share St. Cloud Ranch, currently home to four Lipizzans (Gabriola, Alsea, Maestoso Troja and Siglavy Acatherina). The Kelly Family has a history of supporting the Lipizzan breed. Kathy Kelly is a former USLF Director and still an

active volunteer. Jeff Kelly continues to serve on the USLF Registration Committee. The Kelly family has created a research database of Lipizzan pedigrees and is currently working with USLF Registrar Rennie Squire preparing the USLF Stud Book. In 2014 Lisa and her parents traveled to the Czech Republic to give presentations on the research database as well as the USLF mtDNA study at that year’s LIF General Assembly.

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