Welcome to the United States Lipizzan Federation!  This community of Lipizzan breeders, owners and enthusiasts provides a North American registry for this rare baroque breed and actively works to preserve, protect and promote the Lipizzaner breed.  Lipizzaner horses represent over 400 years of select breeding for beauty, nobility, and a rare combination of courage, strength, ability, temperament, and intelligence.  This rare breed has captured the hearts of those of us in North America who have been fortunate enough to spend time with Lipizzaners.

Many activities for Lipizzan enthusiasts are available in 2014.  See below for a variety of local, national and international events.

     USLF Board Elections 2014   August 19-September 23      



   2014 European Events - LIF General Assembly and SRS Autumn Academy   



October 3rd – 5th   at the Tempel Farms,

Old Mill Creek, Illinois

  The United States Lipizzan Federation invites all Lipizzan enthusiasts to attend.   

 Deadline for registration is September 15th.

Hosted by Tempel Lipizzans and Temple Farms


This Symposium has all the components.  USLF Members have asked for in the perfect Symposium.



Horse Entry Forms for the 2014 USLF Evaluation Tour Register

Our evaluator will be Dr.Yvonne Peeters from the Netherlands.  In addition to evaluating horses, Dr. Peeters will also present a seminar at most locations on the classic Lipizzan breed standard.  Most locations will welcome auditors. Don't miss this opportunity.  There will be additional activities available at the different locations - click on the location   We are still receiving information so check back if there is no link

Aug. 17 Connecticut, Evaluations, Susan Castle and Keith Duly

Aug 18-20 Illinois, Evaluations and Seminar, Temple Farm north of Chicago

Aug 24-26 Pacific Northwest Evaluations and Seminar, White Horse Vale, Goldendale, WA

Aug 29-30 Southern California Evaluations, Barbara Gjerset, Tujunga, CA

There will be additional activities available at the different locations.  Some locations will offer auditing and seminars or other Lipizzan activities.  Forms and details for those activities are available.  Click on the link for each location.



 Summer USLF News -  available in Store

2014 USLF News Spring Cover "Greta" 2013 Tempel Lipizzan Foal




Join now and have fun!

Director's Meeting Notes

August 20, 2014




 Registration Page 

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DVDs sale


Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club 

! Have fun with your Lipizzan !

Check out Website link:   Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club 


DVD in review process- watch for release


The Lipizzan - by Horse Flicks 

- a short preview Published by Horse Flicks on Oct 21, 2013 



The Horse Flicks video shoot Oct. 19 was hosted by White Horse Vale in Goldendale, WA.  We had beautiful fall weather and a gathering of horses and riders to show the variety of wonderful abilities of our favorite breed!  One of the highlights was an impromptu quadrille performed by riders and horses who met together for the first time the evening prior to the shoot.

June Boardman posted the following:   "Congratulations everyone! This is going to be fantastic!"     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Rb9zLZ_5Y

Coming to HRTV, a new TV series on Endangered Breeds, horse breeds whose numbers are decreasing and could face extinction in the not too distant future. Learn about the history, heritage, versatility and heart of the Lipizzan, and why this is a breed worth saving.



Volunteer News 

The USLF has a number of committees making major accomplishments this year.  Here are just a few: 

  • Lovin' Our Lips program for non-showing members is announced with Summer News

  • Historical committee has several projects - a nice way to volunteer!

  • We can use special talents such as art or computer skills for special short term projects. 

  • Committees are teaming on the USLF NEWS, and Show awards and for this Website!

We will help you find your best fit  ----  Contact the USLFoffice@gmail.com 


Links to Items of Interest                        

              Lipizzan Mare Lines in North American  

The first batch representing 15 of 77 American Founding Mares was submitted for analysis. The Fall USLF NEWS had a short article.  We continue look for participants in our North American Mare Line Study which means both permission to analyse your horse's mitochondrial DNA and/or financial support to cover costs.    Click for more information
  •  2013 Stork Corner  - photos of the future - updated 12/17 send those photos!
  • Legacy - memories and photos of Lipizzans past 

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September 2012 News

Welcome to Andreas Hausberger!

SRS Photo Andreas Hausberger

to the USLF Board of Directors as International European Senior Advisor


Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School of Austria 

Director of the new Training Center Heldenberg -Spanish Riding School


View Press Release and photos of the Training Center Heldenberg