USLF Items and Miscellaneous Payment

USLF Items and Miscellaneous Payment

USLF periodically may have items for sale.  You may also make a miscellaneous payment to USLF from this page. 

USLF Items

The Lipizzan – USLF TV Show $14.95
This rare and endangered breed is best known for the highly trained white stallions of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, who perform the difficult Airs Above the Ground. The Lipizzan is one of the most versatile breeds found anywhere and excels as a solid trail companion, dressage horse, driving horse, and so much more.
View the story of the Lipizzan, its history and heritage, and understand why owners, breeders and competitors are so passionate about the breed, and why preserving this endangered breed for future generations to use and enjoy is a mission they wish to share.
You too, can have a role in the preservation of this special breed. Contact any USLF Member for more information on how you can help insure its survival.



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American Lipizzan Breeders Association 1995-2005 Studbook Evaluated Lipizzan Breeding Stock in North America

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