The 2017 USLF Stallion Guide

The USLF Lipizzan Stallion Guide showcases USLF registered stallions owned by current USLF members, as well as stallions with frozen semen available for import through USLF member agents. To make the document as comprehensive as possible, basic information for other available stallions is also included. The Guide includes some exciting options of frozen semen from stallions around the world! We are committed to helping breeders and prospective owners, and strongly believe education about all potential breeding options is important. By opening up the guide to non-USLF horses, we honor our commitment to the future strength of this rare breed. If you have a horse you would like listed in future editions of the guide, please contact us at

You can download a copy of the PDF Stallion Guide. *Please be aware it is a very large file (42 MB)!