Tempus Renatus LLC

Emily Wright
Raeford, NC USA
Phone:  910.986.7743
Email: tempusrenatus@gmail.com
Web: www.tempusrenatus.com

Conversano Ivey; Maestoso Orcia; Bresicana; Cha Cha; Linnea; 6942 Conversano VI-20 "Mila"

We offer Lipizzans from rare bloodlines with good classical type and loving and quiet temperaments. Our main stallion, Conversano Ivey, is a proficient driving and dressage horse and shows a great deal of promise in sidesaddle, and we intend to prove him and others of our Lipizzans in the dressage and driving arena. We offer youngstock for sale, stallions at stud, classical dressage training, and custom breedings.