USLF May 22nd, 2017 Board Meeting

USLF May 17th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met May 17th for their regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6:05 p.m. Pacific Time. 

- The USLF continues to be financially stable.  Treasurer Margaret Tremain reported that April’s net income were somewhat depressed by a number of one-time expenses including the expense of the membership directory.  Margaret also mentioned that the Finance Committee will meet to finish a proposed budget and will also kick start the 2018 budget process so that next year’s budget will be in place by the beginning of our 2017-28 fiscal year this November.

- Registrar Rennie Squier reported five transfers and one registration have taken place since April’s meeting.  Rennie also remarked that that to date 135 members had already renewed their membership for 2017-2018.  Reminder emails and phone calls will begin by June.  Our membership year begins April 1st and the USLF Board thanks you for joining us again!  

- Plan to join us at our 2017 North American Lipizzan Symposium!  Our annual member meeting will be at the DoubleTree by Hilton Olympia, Olympia, Washington, Friday, October 27th and Saturday, October 2th, including our gala dinner, awards presentations, and auction.  The Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club has great demonstrations planned for Friday and Saturday afternoons, including an introduction to the new and popular discipline of Working Equitation.  And plan to bring your camera for an optional hands-on mini-clinic on effectively photographing horses!  Vice President Lynn Smith has posted an informal attendance survey on Facebook so please let us know you’ll attend.  Symposium registration forms will be available shortly.  Make your room reservations directly with the DoubleTree by calling 360-570-0555 and ask for the United States Lipizzan Federation Rate or use the following link:

Room rates are $119/night for a king and $129/night for a double queen beginning Thursday, Oct. 26th.   The DoubleTree by Hilton Olympia is at 415 Capitol Way North, Olympia, Washington, 98501 and sits near scenic Puget Sound. 

- The 2017 Stallion Brochure is out!   Check out our website for pages and pages of handsome stallions. .  This informative brochure is also being widely shared internationally and our committee has even fielded calls from European breeders asking to be included in our 2018 edition!  American breeders, take note, our stallions are being seen overseas, thanks to this elegant brochure. 

- The Breeders Committee began planning our 2018 Breed Evaluation Tour.  Their planning survey, coming soon to your email inbasket, asks your interest in having your Lipizzan(s) evaluated or hosting an evaluation at your facility.  The Committee also continues to develop our own training program for breed judges and is coordinating with the Lipizzan International Federation’s training program for their own junior breed judges.  Details should be available by year end.

- Linda Duggan, News Editor, is assembling the Summer News.  Please send her your articles, announcements, foal photos, etc. for inclusion by June 1st.  Expect the Symposium Registration form as a centerfold!   

- 2018 Lipizzan Calendar Committee will be contacting members and sponsors for our second annual Lipizzan Calendar.  Watch your email, check our website or the USLF’s Facebook page for how to include your Lipizzan/Lipizzan Cross.  Our own members and last year’s sponsors will be contacted first before the general equestrian community. 

- The Pacific Northwest Lipizzan will host our 2017 Symposium; this energetic club also plans a beach ride in June. 

- Attention Drivers!  Just to let you know, the American Driving Society (ADS) has been reinstated as the Recognized Affiliate representing the sports of combined and pleasure driving by the U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF).  See their website for details of their agreement.  The USLF is affiliated with the ADS as a Breed Partner. 

- Even more committee reports:

--- Awards Committee: Chairperson Liz Gesler and President Lisa Simmons have been working to finding volunteers to help with a broad survey about competition and awards, improvements to make it easier for High Point Awards recipients to report scores, and become the record keeping program for our Laurels and Stars programs.  The Committee is also looking for new and different award ideas! 

--- Loving our Lipizzans:  Chairperson Cheri Isgreen reports that the group is half way through our book study.  The group’s Journal Collaborative effort is also attracting new members.  To date there are 18 members with about 7 very active posting members and 6 periodic posting members.  These numbers are expected to rise as the weather gets more conducive to riding and training.

- The meeting adjourned at 10:12

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be June 21st, 2017.

Muffin Smith, Secretary