USLF January 18th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met January 18th for the regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6:03 p.m. Pacific Time. 

- The USLF is financially strong.  President Lisa Simmons and newly appointed Treasurer Margaret Tremain are working to realign the USLF’s accounting and budgeting processes with organization goals and activities.  The Board approved changing the budget reporting process from the calendar year to sync it with our fiscal year which began on November 1st. 

- Registrar Rennie Squier reported three transfers and six registrations since the last meeting.  She also reported that the Lipizzan Census is still receiving and collecting data but plans to report its findings in January, expect a news article with all the details in the Spring News.  In summary, 480 owners reported on 1,234 horses, 1,037 are still alive.  Of the horses in the USLF database born after 1990, we’re still hoping to find information about 678.  The Lipizzan Census will continue to collect data and look for horses with missing information.

- An updated Membership Directory is expected to be available in February.  Please renew your membership by the end of January to be sure of being included.  Currently, there are 248 USLF members, including several Lifetime members.  

- Vice President Lynn Smith presented a proposal from the Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club to host our 2017 North American Lipizzan Symposium, including a day of demos and presentations at an equestrian facility in Olympia, Washington, close to Seattle.  The Board will determine the exact dates at our next meeting but plans the two day event to be at the end of October. 

- The Breeders Committee reports that the layout for our updated Studbook is complete.  Owners of horses who have been evaluated are invited to submit photos of their stallions and mares.  Please see our Winter News for advice on taking usable photos and submit them by January 31st. 

- The Registration Committee plans to compile a 2017 Stallion Brochure, listing Lipizzan stallions standing at stud with their contact information.  The Brochure will assist mare owners to know what stallions are available in their area and will also be promotional materials for equestrian events such as horse expos.  The brochure should be available by the end of February!

- The Membercast Committee plans to produce a series of short videos to introduce the Lipizzan breed and the USLF organization, including an edition introducing the Board of Directors. 

- 2017 Lipizzan Calendar Committee continues to sell and ship our 2017 calendar.  Supplies are running low; use the order and shipping forms on our website before they’re all gone.  The committee ships promptly.

- The Awards committee reports the results for Lipizzan Laurels, Lipizzan Stars, and the USDF Year End awards are in and appear in your Winter News.  Awards and ribbons will ship soon.  Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all our competitors showing off our Lipizzans! 

- The Youth Scholarship Committee will be revising its application form to include Enthusiast Members riding Lipizzans or XL Lipizzans.  Lipizzans must be registered with the USLF or the registration paperwork for the Lipizzan may be included with the scholarship application. 

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be February 15th, 2017. 

Muffin Smith, Secretary