USLF November 16th, 2016 Board Meeting Summary

USLF November 16th, 2016 Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met November 16th for the regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6:10 p.m. Pacific Time. 

- The USLF is maintaining its financial health.  Monthly financial reports show good levels of reserves.  As our budget year draws to a close, several committees have yet to expend their funds and the Board hopes that committee chairs will submit their 2016 expenditures before year end.  Treasurer Margaret Tremain is working to identify committees and their activities and to align them with organization costs centers in order to develop an organizational map of our activities and prepare our 2017 budget. 

- Registrar Rennie Squier reported seven transfers and two registrations since the last meeting.  She also reported that the Lipizzan Census is still receiving and collecting data but plans to report its findings by the end of the year.  The Lipizzan Census will continue to collect data and look for horses whose information is still missing. 

- President Lisa Kelly Smith reported that she has been in contact with several members of the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) in hopes that remote access to their General Assembly meeting being held in Vienna at the end of November can be available.  She is also requesting the USLF’s representative on the LIF’s Private Breeders Committee for earlier notices of meetings and training seminars so that those people wishing to attend LIF events can have enough time to make reasonable travel arrangements. 

- Breeders Committee Chairperson June Boardman reported that the Breeders Committee met to discuss how best to make the updated Stud Book available.  Evaluation tour results will also be published in the upcoming newsletter, including the list of newly approved horses.  The committee will develop and refine its requirements for evaluation sites in time for the 2018 Evaluation Tour.  The committee is also close to proposing a Lipizzan Judges training program.  A description of how members can apply to be accepted in this training program will be available in the coming months.  The committee intends that our Lipizzan Judges training program will prepare our U.S. Lipizzan judges to enter the LIF’s judges training program for further training. 

- Vice President Lynn Smith reported that groups of members in two different locations are interested in hosting our 2017 North American Lipizzan Symposium and will submit preliminary proposals early in 2017 for the Board to review. 

- In their special Board meeting October 26th, the Board appointed Sally Temple to fill the one-year vacancy on the Board. 

- 2017 Lipizzan Calendar Committee reports the 2017 calendar sales are brisk, thanks to the order and shipping forms now available on our website.  The Fall newsletter advertisement includes thumbnails of the elegant horses pictured every month.  Be sure to order soon while supplies are good.  The committee ships promptly!

- The Loving Our Lipizzans committee reports that their plans for 2017 will possibly include an additional facility for members to chat with each other along with a new Facebook presence. 

- The Awards committee sends congratulations to all the representatives of the Lipizzan breed  competing at the just concluded USDF National Championships in Lexington. Lipizzans were well representedby numbers and by placings, including a First Level Freestyle Championship for Tempel Farm!

     USDF All-Breeds:  We are still waiting for the report from USDF to determine the All Breeds Awards for this year but will let you know as soon as we hear.

     Lipizzan Laurels and Stars:  Our competition year ended October 31.  This year thirty-six horses enrolled and earned awards in many categories including Show, In Hand, English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation, Trail, Showmanship, Competitive Trail, Eventing, and Dressage, from Training to Prix St. George.  For 2017, the Awards committee plans to continue outreach to our members and to look at other venues for disseminating award info and results (ex: regional/national publications). 

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be December 21st. 

Muffin Smith, Secretary