January 20th, 2016 USLF Board Meeting and Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met January 20th for its regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

- The USLF continues to be financially stable and operate within its budget.  The Finance committee will meet next week to finish assembling the 2016 budget.  The Board met last week specifically to discuss and coordinate our awards programs and will meet again to discuss the budget implications of awards, one of the organizations larger budgeted programs.

- The Board discussed locations for the 2016 annual member meeting and has identified a cost-effective software option for making the meeting available remotely as a webinar.  The meeting location itself is yet to be determined but may take place in conjunction with the 2016 Breed Evaluation Tour the last week in September at one of the two evaluation sites.  This option – if we can arrange it – would give the membership additional access to the evaluator’s lecture on the Lipizzan breed’s conformation and history via a webinar!  Many technical details remain to be worked out but the Board is working toward making what we hope will be a very interesting annual meeting accessible to members who can’t attend or would rather not travel.

- The Breeders Committee will meet next week to firm up plans for our 2016 Breed Evaluation Tour, scheduled for the last week of September at sites in North Carolina and Minnesota.  The Breeders committee will discuss scheduling and the process of possibly implementing a vet check form similar to that used at Lipica and other European Lipizzan breed evaluations.

- Our Registrar was processed two registrations of purebred Lipizzans and six transfers.  She reports that there are also a large number of registrations and transfers in various stages of completion, waiting for information.

-  The Registration Committee’s Lipizzan Census will roll out this January. The Board previewed a sample report which will go to members with horses, listing the horses that our records show belong to each member.  Members will be asked to complete the form to indicate if they still have the horse and if not, whatever information they can give about the horse’s disposition.  Filing the form is completely voluntary but will help us establish an accurate count of Lipizzans in North America and promote the conservation of a rare breed.  It will also help establish a list of Lipizzans whose disposition is not known and who might be able to be identified by the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation or other individuals familiar with the breed.

- The Website committee has also made the annual stallion report available online!  At USLipizzan.org, you can either click on Registration at the top of the page or on Horse Registration & Transfer at the bottom of the page.  You will be taken to the forms for registrations and transfers; the stallion report is option 6.  Breeders can report either online or print off the form from our website, complete it, and mail it in.  Kudos to our hard working Website committee!

- The Winter issue of the Newsletter has been mailed and should shortly be in your mailbox!

- The Calendar committee is planning to solicit your best photos of your Lipizzans.  The committee is developing a form for photo submissions which will be accessible on our website.  Members will be able to reserve a calendar page and submit up to six photos to appear.  The committee is looking for professional quality shots to produce a high quality, beautiful presentation of our Lipizzans for 2017.  The calendar should be available for sale by September 1st and the deadline for photo submissions will be mid-May.

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be February 17th.  The USLF Board meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Muffin Smith, Secretary