March 16th, 2015 USLF Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met March 16th for its regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

- The USLF is financially healthy and maintains adequate reserves for unexpected expenses. Treasurer Don Holthofer reported that membership renewals have boosted income by almost $3,500 and registrations, helped by the Lipizzan Census, have also increased.  The Board continues to tweak the 2016 budget to deal with some unexpected costs associated with the Awards program.

- The Board is firming up plans for our 2016 annual member meeting which will be held in conjunction with the Breed Evaluation Tour’s stop in St. Cloud, Minnesota the third week of September.  Mark your calendars for our September 19th annual member meeting, followed by breed evaluations the 20th and 21st.  Our webinar committee plans to make the business meeting as well as the breed evaluation seminar available as webinars!    Not only will members be able to sit in on the annual meeting but view the Lipizzan breed seminar presented by our evaluator Dr. Yvonne Peeters.

Details on lodging will be forthcoming.  The nearest airport is Minneapolis/St. Paul.  This year’s meeting will be somewhat smaller to allow the focus to shine more brightly on the breed evaluations with its informative seminar by Dr. Peeters.

- The Webinar committee will present its first of a series of informative webinars Monday, March 21st!  The first webinar will acquaint viewers with using the webinar software and then will present the results of the Lipizzan Census, followed by a question and answer session about the Lipizzan population data.  Later in June, a webinar is planned to present the results of the North American Mare Line Study.  Stay tuned for more details on how you can tune in!   If you miss the webinar itself, the Webinar committee will be posting a link to it so you can view it at your convenience.

- The 2016 Lipizzan Census committee reports more than 30% of census report forms returned and more than 400 horses reported.  If you haven’t already done so, please complete and return your census report!  Forms were emailed out to owners who have been USLF members within the past three years.  The Registration committee appreciates the enthusiastic response of the Lipizzan community!  Past members will also receive a census form listing their Lipizzans as recorded in the USLF’s files and we would appreciate any updates and information that will help us develop as complete a picture as possible of our North American Lipizzan population.

- Our Registrar has processed ten new Lipizzan registrations and one transfer in part due to the Lipizzan Census.  Thanks to those Lipizzan owners who have come forward to register or complete the recording of the transfer of their Lipizzan and welcome to the Lipizzan Community!

- The Calendar committee is moving ahead to solicit your best photos of your Lipizzans.  See our website to complete the online form to sponsor a calendar page for the 2017 USLF Lipizzan Calendar.  Submit up to six photos!  The Calendar committee will select the best pictures and let you know the results.  See our website for details and examples and submit your photos by mid-May.

- The Board of Directors thanks Barbara Gjerset for generously sponsoring an award to honor Ingun Littorin, well known Lipizzan breeder and supporter, who passed away last fall.  This prestigious award will go to the high point Lipizzan driver in a combined driving event.  This honor will be available to driving competitors for the upcoming ten years.  Enroll in the Lipizzan Laurels program to begin to qualify and for more details.

- The Loving Our Lipizzans committee is changing direction from games to support for our interactive members who journal and record the progress they are making toward goals they have set for themselves and their horses.  The portal to this new Loving Our Lipizzans program is through the USLF’s website so please register and join.

- Lynn Smith and Kathy Kelly are constructing an organizational chart to see where volunteers are needed for 2016 projects.  Interested in volunteering for committee work?  We’ll keep you posted!

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be April 20th.  The USLF Board meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Muffin Smith, Secretary