May 18th, 2016 USLF Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met May 18th for its regular monthly meeting via teleconference/meeting software at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

- The USLF continues to maintain its sound financial status.  Treasurer Don Holthofer reported that membership renewals are arriving at a more than projected rate.

- Registrar Rennie Squier reports three new registrations and two transfers.  More transfers are in the queue resulting from the success of the Lipizzan Census.  The USLF Board thanks our new members and horses for becoming part of the Lipizzan Community!

- Breeders Committee chairman June Boardman reports that the plans for the 2016 Breed Evaluation Tour are being finalized and that the next newsletter will include an article on showing your horse on the triangle for those Lipizzan owners planning to present their Lipizzans for evaluation this year.  The Evaluation Tour will first visit St. Cloud, Minnesota September 20th and 21st and coincide with our annual member meeting September 22nd.  The Evaluation Tour next visits Raeford, NC September 24th or 25th.  Both locations will include the breed seminar offered by Lipizzan International Federation Senior Judge Dr. Yvonne Peeters.  The recent survey asking members about their plans to attend either evaluation netted over 90 responses with almost half the responders indicating they plan to or might attend.  Forms for registering for the meeting and for the evaluation activities will be available soon!

- Our Youth Program committee is developing guidelines for scholarship applications.  Qualifications will include but not be limited to details on the applicant, his or her qualifications and goals, and a follow-up article describing the clinic or training attended, lessons learned and training goals met.  Of course, the applicant must also ride or drive a Lipizzan in the clinic.  Forms and details will be forthcoming.

- Our 2016 annual member meeting plans are proceeding apace.   The meeting and hotel arrangements are being firmed up.  For those who won’t be able to attend in person, our Membercast Committee plans to make the breed evaluation seminar as well as the business meeting available as webinars so that members will be able to view both the annual meeting and the Lipizzan breed seminar presented by our evaluator Dr. Yvonne Peeters.

- The 2016 Lipizzan Census committee continues to contact former USLF members and non-members from as long as 10 years ago to develop the most complete picture possible of Lipizzans in North America.  The next step is to develop a list of horses we have lost track of and to ask the Lipizzan community again for any new information.  We continue to appreciate any and all updates and we thank all of our responders for helping us count and conserve our rare Lipizzan breed!

-The Membercast Committee is planning a June 20th membercast to include member videos of new foals as well as a presentation by June Boardman on how to present your horse on the triangle for evaluation.  The membercasts will be announced in advance and those who miss the initial viewing will be able to view it using a web link.

- The Calendar committee reports that our 2017 Lipizzan Calendar has filled all its months but is still looking for a wonderful photo to use as the cover.  The calendar is still on track for September delivery.  The committee meets next week to make their final selections and a printer has been selected and is ready to go.  We’ll let you know as soon as the calendars are ready so you can plan your Christmas shopping!

- The Loving Our Lipizzans committee reports nine new members are currently registered.  The committee will also be posting a training topic on Facebook every few months for all to read.  Register for this activity on our website and then share your training challenges and issues with your fellow participants.  The upcoming newsletter will present some of the stories and successes.

- Prompted by an unsolicited contact by Horse World Brazil for videos and access to our mailing list to announce their schedules, the USLF Board is working to develop a privacy policy.  Rest assured the policy will be based soundly on non-disclosure; we have no intention of ever distributing member information or selling our email lists.  Oh yes, and we turned Horse World Brazil down.  Much as we might like to see more Lipizzan information available via the internet, since they want our email lists, the price is way too high.  

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be June 15th.  The USLF Board meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Muffin Smith, Secretary