USLF August 20, 2014 Board Meeting Summary

USLF August 20th, 2014 Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met August 20th for its regular monthly meeting via teleconference. 

- The USLF continues to maintain financial stability; income this year continues to be ahead of budget from an increase in memberships and a substantial interest in evaluations and Symposium registrations.  Currently, 244 members have either renewed their memberships or rejoined the USLF after an absence, including 40 members who have joined us for the first time, boosting our membership to the highest level in a number of years!  The Board thanks our renewing and returning members for their participation and support and extends a warm welcome to our newest members.  Thanks to all who joined us!

- The 2014 USLF Evaluation Tour is underway and runs through August 30th.  Evaluations were held at Castle Lipizzans, Bethlehem, Connecticut, August 17th, and at Tempel Lipizzans, Old Mill Creek, Illinois, August 18th through 20th, where their preliminary schedule included 35 horses for evaluation.  The Evaluation Tour now travels to the west coast to White Horse Vale, Goldendale, Washington, August 24th through 26th and then on to The Lipizzan Connection, Sunland, California, August 31st.  Dr. Yvonne Peeters from the Netherlands will be conducting the evaluations and will also present a seminar on the classical Lipizzan at both Tempel Farms and White Horse Vale.  After the evaluations, the ALBA studbook will be updated and available for sale both on CD and in print. 

-  Elections for USLF Board of Director seats are underway by electronic ballot.  This year, the ballots use software specifically designed for elections, making the submission of a ballot more simple (and successful!) than in previous years.  Candidate statements are also included in the ballot for easy reference.  If you’d prefer a paper ballot, please contact the USLF office and one will be mailed to you.  Please cast your vote by September 23rd!  The USLF is democratic and proud of it.  Our democratic process sets us apart and ahead of other organizations so please be sure to vote!

- The 2014 North American Lipizzan Symposium Friday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 5th at beautiful Tempel Farms in Wadsworth, Illinois, is shaping up to be one of our most interesting and best attended ever.  Registrations have exceeded our initial attendance estimates so if you haven’t secured your spot, please don’t delay in signing up and also reserving your hotel.  Information and registration forms are on our website.  Tonight, the Board heard a sample of the cool auction items that have been donated, including artwork and tack!  So come listen to Dr. Hilary Clayton discuss biomechanics of the Baroque horse, enjoy the Tempel Lipizzans’ performance, meet new members of the Lipizzan community, and reconnect with friends. 

- The USLF is very pleased to be participating in the USDF’s new addition to their Year-End All Breed awards program and will award four high score Lipizzan awards, two for adult amateur riders and two for open riders at the U.S. Dressage Finals competition November 6th through 9th at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Please see the USDF’s website for details. 

-  Our Registrar continues to be busy with a steady stream of registrations and transfers with a number still waiting for completion of DNA testing and paperwork.   

- The USLF sincerely thanks the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) for posting our Symposium information on their website and for their support!  Please visit the LIF’s website at; and click on News for our Symposium registration materials.  The Registration Committee continues its collegial conversations with Dr. Thomas Druml, chair of the LIF’s Breeding Commission, whose in-depth knowledge of historical pedigree data continues to be invaluable in keeping our pedigree records in sync with European records. 

- Our regional clubs are active!  The Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club plans a photo shoot on scenic Pacific coast beaches and the Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association (MALA) will be contributing a lecture on the Lipizzan horse as well as a pas du deux demonstration to the Baroque Equestrian Games being held in a few weeks in Lexington, Virginia.  MALA will also sponsor, with the USLF, a Lipizzan breed class at the Dressage at Devon in September; please see their website ( for information. 

- The Loving Our Lipizzans committee has completed its first round of games and will award prizes at Symposium.  The committee is also ready to roll out its 2015 games so check out USLF’s Facebook page or visit   to join in the fun.

- The Board discussed locations for our 2015 Symposium!  The Board is also looking for volunteers to help plan our next Symposium.  Your suggestions are welcome; the Board is always interested to hear where the Lipizzan community would like to meet and what activities would interest you. 

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be September 17th.  The USLF Board meets every third Wednesday of the month. 

Muffin Smith, Secretary