USLF July 16th, 2014 Board Meeting Summary

The USLF Board of Directors met July 16th for its regular monthly meeting via teleconference. 

- The USLF continues to maintain financial stability; income this year is approximately $3,000 ahead of budget mostly from memberships.  Currently, 227 members have either renewed their memberships or rejoined the USLF after an absence.  The Board thanks our renewing and returning members for their participation and support.  The Board especially wishes to welcome 36 first-time members.  Thanks to all who joined us!

- Interest continues to run high for the 2014 USLF Evaluation Tour, August 17th through August 30th.  Castle Lipizzans (Bethlehem, Connecticut), Tempel Lipizzans (Old Mill Creek, Illinois), White Horse Vale (Goldendale, Washington), and The Lipizzan Connection (Sunland, California) will host breed evaluations, conducted by Dr. Yvonne Peeters from the Netherlands.  Dr. Peeters will also present a seminar on the classical Lipizzan at both Tempel Farms and White Horse Vale.  Entry forms for the horses to be evaluated, for auditors, and for seminar participants will be available on the USLF website and will be emailed to all USLF members as soon as they are available.   Please contact June Boardman, with questions.  Evaluations are invaluable opportunities to learn about our baroque breed as well as network with our Lipizzan community.  Non-USLF members with their Lipizzans are also welcome; please contact June Boardman ( for details and arrangements.  After the evaluations, the ALBA studbook will be updated and available for sale both on CD and in print. 

- The Registration Committee continues its collegial conversations with Dr. Thomas Druml, chair of the LIF’s Breeding Commission, whose in-depth knowledge of historical pedigree data continues to be invaluable in keeping our pedigree records in sync with European records. 

- The 2014 North American Lipizzan Symposium, Friday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 5th at beautiful Tempel Farms in Wadsworth, Illinois, will be two and a half days of information and fun.  Dr. Hilary Clayton will present two sessions on the biomechanics of the Baroque horse and the Tempel Lipizzans will perform (champagne toast included with registration!).  Please also consider donating a Lipizzan, equestrian, or simply fun item for our fast-paced and often hilarious auction, an annual tradition that follows our gala dinner. 

- The USLF sincerely thanks the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) for posting our Evaluation Tour and our Symposium information on their website and for their support!  Please visit the LIF’s very informative website at; click on News for our Symposium registration materials and then click on Events for details of our 2014 Evaluation Tour.

-  Editing of the USLF’s video on the Lipizzan is complete and this informative and visually stunning program will air this fall on HRTV.  DVD’s will also be available (and will make great Christmas presents).  We’ll keep you posted on the broadcast schedule as soon as we know it.

- The USLF is very pleased to be participating in the USDF’s new addition to their Year-End All Breed awards program and will award four high score Lipizzan awards, two for adult amateur riders and two for open riders at the U.S. Dressage Finals competition November 6th – 9th, 2014 at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Please see our website for details! 

-  The Nominations committee is preparing for this fall’s upcoming elections.  This year, the ballots will be electronic and will use software specifically designed for elections.  Details will be announced next month.  The USLF is democratic and proud of it; please remember that your vote makes this organization run.

- The Historical committee is developing guidelines in conjunction with Kentucky Horse Park’s Museum of the Horse to effectively retain historical items and information and properly conserve our Lipizzans’ historical importance for the North American Lipizzan community. 

- The Loving Our Lipizzans committee has rolled out a creative and entertaining program focused on how we enjoy spending time with our Lipizzans – see the USLF’s Facebook page to join in. 

- The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be August 20th.  The USLF Board meets every third Wednesday of the month. 

Muffin Smith, Secretary