Loving our Lipizzans

Welcome to the gateway of the USLF Lovin’ Our Lipz community, web pages and activities.

Lovin’ Our Lipzzans is open to all USLF members and their registered Lipizzan and X Lipizzan horses.  (Need to join USLF?)  Whether you are enjoying trail rides, schooling with your dressage instructor, eventing, going out for a pleasure drive, trying to keep that horse WHITE, historical research, or simply feeding and mucking stalls, there are activities for all levels of rider, experience, and interest.  As a member of the LOL program, you are part of a supportive and unique community, presenting,

USLF MembersClick this link to learn about, register and participate in the LOL Journal Collaborative, an interactive group who journal and record the progress they are making toward goals they have set for themselves and their horses.   Once you complete your registration, you will receive a welcome letter detailing how to log hours, share training, and offer support to other LOL members.  

Are you a Facebook user? The LOL Facebook page is a closed group whose discussions, questions, and posts stay within the LOL membership. No reason to hesitate to ask that question or post a discussion – simple click the following link and request membership.  

Click this link for the USLF Lovin our Lipz Facebook page.

Don’t hesitate to offer your ideas for activities, photos, discussions and how to advance the interests we all share.  Have fun with your horse – and don’t forget to share with this Lipizzan Loving Community!