I. Shows (awards in nine categories)

A. In-Hand
B. English Pleasure (includes English and hunter pleasure, road hack, bridle path hack, hunter hack, and saddle seat pleasure)
C. Western Pleasure
D. Pleasure Driving
E. Hunter/Jumper (includes hunter divisions with at least one class over fences and jumper classes)
F. Equitation (includes all seats)
G. Trail (English and Western)
H. Showmanship
I. General (includes all other classes not listed above, including the following: park, games, roadster, races, gaited, some Dressage classes judged by non USEF officials, Baroque Equestrian Games, Mounted Archery, etc)

II. Competitive Trail Riding and Driving (awards at each level)

A. Conditioning Distance
B. Limited Distance
C. Medium Distance
D. Extended Distance
E. Novice/Competitive Pleasure

III. Endurance Riding (awards at each level)

A. General
B. Limited Distance

IV. Dressage (awards at each level)

A. Introductory Dressage
B. Training Level
C. First Level
D. Second Level
E. Third Level
F. Fourth Level
G. Prix St. Georges
H. Intermediate I
I. Intermediate II
J. Grand Prix

V. Eventing

VI. Working Western (Reining, Cutting, Team Penning, Rop­ing, Reining/Working Cowhorse, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Competitive Trail Challenges and Trail Trials)

   A. Sanctioned
   B. Non-sanctioned

VII. Carriage (3 awards in two categories)

 A. Carriage Pleasure Shows
       1. Single
       2. Pair
       3. Multiple

 B. Combined Driving Events
      1. Single
      2. Pair
      3. Multiple

VIII. Western Dressage (awards at each level)

 A. Introductory Western Dressage
 B. Basic
 C. Level 1
 D. Level 2
 E. Level 3

Junior Exhibitor Lipizzan Laurels

  I. Show
  II. Competitive Trail
  III. Endurance Riding
  IV.  Dressage
  V.  Eventing
  VI.  Working Western
  VII. Carriage
  VIII. Western Dressage


Lipizzan Laurels Awards Program

The United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) recognizes Lipizzans/XL Lipizzans competing in events against all breeds with two special award programs—the USLF Lipizzan/XL Lipizzan Laurels Award and the USLF Lipizzan/XL Lipizzan Star Award. Award participants au­tomatically are entered in both programs when they submit results.

The USLF Lipizzan Laurels presents a Lipizzan Laurels Award for outstanding perfor­mance by a Lipizzan/XL Lipizzan horse in several sections within the program’s eight major divisions. Lipizzan Laurels awards are tabulated on an annual basis during the competition year, which runs from November 1st of the previous year to October 31st of the current year.

2015 Lipizzan Laurels and Stars Awards and the USDF/USLF All-Breed Awards.


To be eligible for these awards, horses must be registered with the USLF. The horse owner must be a current USLF member. Riders and drivers of the horse need to be current USLF members, either full members or Enthusiasts.  

Guidelines & Show Details

Entry Forms - see new address below

Lipizzan Laurels Registration Form

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry A - Carriage Pleasure & Open

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry B - Competitive Ride - Drive Endurance

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry C - Eventing

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry D - Combined Driving

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry E - Dressage

Online Form | Download and Print

Entry F - Working Western

Online Form | Download and Print

Downloaded forms must be submitted by email to or by mail to:                           New Address                                                                  United States Lipizzan Federation                                  P.0. Box 310                                                                      Creswell, OR 97426-0310