Schedule for 2014 Evaluations

August 16:  Fly from Amsterdam to JKF New York City

August 17:  Evaluation in Connecticut - Susan Castle and Keith Duly Hosting

August 18:  Fly to Chicago

Begin Seminar and Evaluations at Tempel Farm - Esther Buonanno/ Tempel Farm Hosting

August 19:  Continue at Tempel Farm

August 20:  Finish in the morning

1:30  Performance of the Tempel Lipizzans

August 21 and 22:  Free time in the Chicago area.   Tempel will make housing available during this time.

August 23:  Travel from Chicago to Portland, OR

August 24: Evaluation at WHV - June Boardman, Arne Hettman and White Horse Vale Hosting

August 25:  Seminar at WHV

August 26:  Seminar at WHV/ There may be an evaluation sight in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  If so, this part of the itinerary may change slightly, but the travel dates will remain the same. 

August 27:  Sightseeing in Pacific Northwest

August 28:  Travel from Portland, OR to Los Angeles/ Burbank, CA

August 29: Day off in Los Angeles area

August 30: Evaluation and meet and greet in Tujunga, CA - Barbara Gjerset Hosting

The return flight is open at this time.  Yvonne and her husband plan to spend additional time in the Southwest on their own.  Their housing and the use of a car will be provided by Ingun Littorin and Barbara Gjerset.