2015 Elections

Look for Annual USLF director elections ballots after September 22.  Your electronic ballot will be sent to your email address by Electionbuddy.com. You may request a paper ballot by email.  Ballots must be returned by October 27. Please contact the USLF office if you are a voting member and do not receive a ballot.


There are a total of eight directors.  Each year we elect four directors for a two year term so there is always an overlap of old and new directors.  Four officers are selected from among the 8 directors. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer are appointed each year by the Board of Directors, the offices of President and Vice-President are elected by the membership on alternate years.

Director Candidates:

We have five candidates for four director positions.  Each name below is linked to a statement from the candidate.

President Candidates:

Our current President, Tim Foley, has decided not to seek reelection as President this year and the Nominating committee failed to field a candidate for the office of President to replace him for the upcoming election.  Unless this situation changes by the time the ballots are distributed to the members, the ballot will include a survey of member opinion to help the Board of Directors chose someone to serve as President for the upcoming two-year term from the current Directors as of the next regular monthly Board meeting in December.  This survey question will appear at the bottom of the ballot.  Please choose one of the possible Directors (either the Candidates or the Continuing Directors) as the person you believe will be the most effective USLF President.  The Board appreciates your input and thanks everyone for their help in this unusual situation.

Continuing Directors:

The following people are continuing in the Director position for their second year.  Each name is linked to a statement from the Director.