Director Candidates

Gayla Edwards

As a member of USLR, ALBA and now USLF since 1993, I would like to be even more proactive as one of your Directors. The last few years I have been active as a membership drive volunteer and send letters of "welcome" to new members. I have also worked on putting together volunteers for our various committees and board candidates for elections.

I have been breeding Lipizzans on a small scale since our first foal in 2001. I've had our horses trained and shown in Dressage up through Grand Prix. I love campaigning our Lipizzans and introducing them to people at shows and to those who come and visit them at our farm in Montana ( this year I've held three " history and exhibition " riding clinics, along with classes for students from MSU, school children tours, and " greet and meet the Lipizzans"!

 I've taken part in, and helped organize, several Lipizzan keurings in the northwest. I have also participated, with my horses, in clinics with riders from the SRS, the Royal Andalusian school of Juarez, and several of the top US riders. I feel education, training, and showing, all help to promote the breed.

There are several great committees USLF has formed, providing a very exciting future for all of us to get involved in promoting the Lipizzan. Along with voting me in as a Director, I hope to meet with many of you in committees and at our symposium!

Lynn Smith

Many of you know me on Facebook as Stuart Smith, but really the voice you hear is mine – Lynn Smith (Stuart is my husband).  I am asking for your vote to serve you as a Director on the USLF Board. Below is a short introduction and outline of my experience for your consideration. 

I have been involved with Lipizzan horses for 20 years and have been a USLR, then USLF, member since 1998. My first Lipizzan mare (Delta II) came into my life in 1997 while Stuart and I were living in Alaska.  Following a chance meeting with a mysterious grey horse, my curiosity led me to the doorstep of Noble Lipizzans - I was immediately and totally hooked.  Since then there have been five Lipizzan mares who have shared their lives with us.  During our time in Alaska we were pretty far removed from the mainstream and I recall the USLR Newsletter as a stapled few pages that often arrived bent, folded and spindled, but I poured over every word.

Since moving to southern Oregon in 2004, our little herd has grown to four Lipizzans and I have been able to attend two Lipizzan Symposiums, a Breed Evaluation, and have met many Lipizzans and Lipizzan people.  Today I am part of the volunteer team working with the LOL (Loving our Lipizzans) Facebook page.   I have observed that the Lipizzan community is very diverse and that we follow an array of wonderful traditional and not so traditional pathways with our horses.

Now I am looking for more ways to contribute to the USLF.  I am interested in finding avenues that will draw members to engage and participate in this organization, to help members be visible and share their voice in how the USLF represents and serves these horses that we all care about so much. My education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Adult and Community Education. 

My experience, relevant to serving on the USLF Board:  

  • I worked in arts administration where I coordinated many committees composed of community members.  It was my job to bring people with very diverse backgrounds and opinions about artwork to agreement, to administer the contracts with artists, and to oversee the installation of the completed artworks.  
  • Following that experience, I was the Marketing Coordinator for a prominent architectural firm for nearly 20 years. It was my job to present the qualifications of the firm and its personnel to public and private agencies who were seeking professional architectural services for the design and construction of a facility.  I worked on developing the firm’s image at both the local and state levels.  In that position I produced documents and presentation materials and met a lot of deadlines. 

I hope to use these skills and experiences while representing you on the USLF Board and continuing to preserve, protect, and promote the Lipizzan Breed.

Margaret ("Muffin") Smith (Incumbent)

It is with pleasure that I ask for your vote to continue to serve on the USLF Board. I’ve been fascinated by the Lipizzan breed and its noble history since childhood and when my husband and I bought our first two Lipizzans in 1997, it was a dream come true. Currently, three Lipizzans live with us, including a 7-year-old mare, only the second U.S. embryo transfer Lipizzan registered. I have attended USLR/USLF annual meetings since 1999 and have served as a USLR/USLF Director since early 2003, when the Board appointed me to complete the term of a departing Board member. I was elected to a Director seat in 2003 and elected as Secretary in 2005. Since 2003, I have also served on the Bylaws committee, have chaired it since 2007, and helped form the updated bylaws in 2004, 2010, and 2013. I also served on the Board of Directors and as Secretary to the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation, from its beginning in 2010 to 2012. Most recently, I’ve attended the Lipizzan International Federation Judges Training in Lipica, Slovenia, and the LIF’s General Assembly annual meeting in the Czech Republic, both in 2014. I continue to serve as Secretary today.  

Since 2011, I’ve led successful efforts to trademark our new USLF logos. I’ve also reached out to the American Driving Society (ADS) to be one of their Breed Partners and currently serve as a liaison with the ADS. I also serve as liaison to the Board for the Mid-Atlantic Lipizzan Association, one of the USLR/USLF’s oldest clubs, whose hard-working, enthusiastic members organize the Lipizzan Breed class at the prestigious Dressage at Devon event. 

To the office of Secretary to the Board I bring my education and my work experiences in the Federal Government as well as my love for Lipizzans. After earning an MBA in 1976, I did PhD. work in 1978-79 in Business Administration, while working for the U.S. Department of Treasury. I retired from the Treasury in 2001 after serving as a financial analyst, financial economist, and general computer geek for 24 years.

The USLF is growing! We’re expanding our services to our members and our promotion and preservation efforts for the Lipizzan breed significantly beyond the scope of a mere registry. We’ve allied ourselves with partners who make us visible in the equestrian world and showcase Lipizzan versatility, the USEF, the American Driving Society, and our most recent alliance, the Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA). Our organization is embracing an exciting future full of opportunities and it is with the hope of continuing a fascinating and rewarding job that I ask you to return me to the USLF Board.

Mella Smith

I believe more of those living in the United States need to get to know the Lipizzans and the multitude of talent they possess.  We have made a great start with the TV documentary on HRTV, open houses, and our displays and horses at events such as Equine Affaire.  However, when I mention that I own Lipizzans, I get a comment such as, “I have always wanted to see one;” or, the comment I get most of the time is, “What kind of horse is that?” 

I have to admit that I am occasionally at fault as I often don’t invite the public to see my horses.  I think we need to convert those who say, “What kind of horse is that?” into the person who says, “I want to see one of them.”  I don’t have answers but I am going to try and see if there are ways to introduce the Lipizzan to a larger variety of people in the US.

I have owned Lipizzans since around 1985.  I started with a one-year-old colt, purchased from John Gliege.  Since then I have bought, been donated, or leased several Lipizzans. I currently own seven Lipizzans and am leasing a stallion from Lyn Schaeffer.  

I use my horses for trail riding and have used them for herding cattle.  They were very good at moving the cows and calves.  I am also a recent member of the county mounted posse.  I was recently at a mounted posse training, and received many compliments on the Lipizzan gelding I was riding.  Posse members commented on how well he did under stressful situations, most of which he had never seen before.

I realize the Lipizzan is a part of history which needs to be preserved – the classical horse and training.  I also feel they should be available to those who want to learn about and enjoy them. I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to run for director.

Rennie Squier (Incumbent)

I have owned, trained and bred Lipizzan horses since 1989, competing in ridden and driven dressage and in Pleasure driving and Combined driving with Lipizzans.

I served as the Studbook coordinator for the American Lipizzan Breeders Association until it merged with the United States Lipizzan Registry to form the United States Lipizzan Federation, and am your current USLF Registrar and a member of the USLF Board of Directors.

As a long time breeder of purebred cattle, I am familiar with the advances in reproductive and DNA technology which are already in common use in bovine reproduction and are likely to soon  be in more common use in the horse world.

I have a great interest in the history and pedigrees of our beautiful horses and hope to help guide the future of our breed, particularly with regards to the breeding soundness and physical health of our North American herd.