Continuing Directors

For information purposes, here are statements from the 2014 Elections:

June Boardman

For the last two years, I have been proud to serve on the USLF Board of Directors.  The other positive, progressive, and courteous board members and officers have made my term a rewarding experience.  I wish to run for one more term to complete the work on the Breeders Committee and Judges Training Program.  

The breeding of Lipizzans has been my passion since 1985.  Over the years I have hosted numerous Lipizzan evaluations and seminars at my ranch featuring European experts.  Besides being one of the largest Lipizzan breeders in the U.S, I have ridden, trained and shown many of my own Lipizzans and helped others get their Lipizzans out into the show ring.  In addition, I have served the Lipizzan breed as a co-editor of the Lipizzan Journal, secretary of the American Lipizzan Breeders Association and worked diligently to unite the Lipizzan community in North America and around the world.

I believe that the Lipizzan horse has a unique and special place in history and in the equestrian world.   I believe that the USLF is the organization best suited to promote this magnificent breed and its members/owners into the twenty-first century.  

I appreciate your vote.

Donald Holthofer

Horses have been a major part of my life, which all began with reading. As a dyslexic and color blind kid, I struggled to learn to read before they understood what these issues were. One day, when I was forced into the school library to do a book report assignment, I found my way to the section that had books on horses.  I discovered the books written by Walter Farley, the Black Stallion series.  I also read White Stallions of Lipizza, by Marguerite Henry. (I still have that book today, right next to my desk!) So I learned a way to read, and I also learned that I wanted horses to be a major part of my life.

Teachers said that I would be lucky if I graduated high school, but I went on to graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in Animal Science.  So never underestimate the power and passion the love of a horse can give you!   

When my friends in high school were getting cars/trucks I was buying a horse.  I met my first girl friend who was as horse crazy as I was, so naturally I bought another horse.  (Yes, she became my wife and we have now been married 42 years.) We rode our local trails together during high school, and I also ran a pack line and emergency rescue with the Boy Scouts during the summers.

For my professional career history, I transferred to Corvallis, Oregon, a year before OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine (OSU-CVM) opened.  There, I helped with the design of the animal care facilities, and once the college opened, I managed the care of the teaching and research animals. During this 20 year period I also built my own boarding and training facility.  I then went to work at HP and for most of the next 13 years I managed their chemistry labs at the Corvallis site.

As for more about my horse history, I began formal lessons on a horse after college, when I started riding Hunter/Jumpers, then moved into Eventing.  I became frustrated with my dressage scores in Eventing and decided to take three months off so that I could work on just my dressage. Now, 30 years later I am going back to doing some jumping and I just completed my first Event in a long time.   I am now retired and ride three to four horses, six days a week.  I spend most of my available money on clinics, rather than showing, as I would rather improve my skills than bring home another small piece of cloth.

My first hope of owning a Lipizzan came when I hauled a friend’s horse to OSU-CVM.  I met an old friend at the clinic who knew of my passion for horses. She is a Lipizzan breeder, and she wanted me to own a Lipizzan, so she invited me to her farm and said, "Pick one." Well, I spent the next several weeks working with several horses, but it was the Lipizzan who actually picked me and we have been partners ever since.

I have been a member of the USLF and its predecessor for five years.  I have recently become a member of the USLF historical committee and helped with its start up structure. If fortunate enough to be elected as a director, I would use my organizational and management skills, horse knowledge and love of the Lipizzan, to support the USLF organization. I believe that USLF can lead in a national effort to promote the Lipizzan throughout the United States, and I would very much like to be a part of this effort.  I also believe we all need to support our leadership and be willing to volunteer when we can.

Cheri Isgreen

Let me introduce myself: Cheri Isgreen. I am a retired teacher, lifelong artist, and avid horsewoman. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember. One year when my grandmother was staying with us, and my parents were away, my brother, my sister, and I came home from a yard sale with a $10 pony.  Upon our return home, my uncle made us lead him right back to the yard sale. A few years later, I bought my first horse with babysitting money.  More horses followed until Monarch, my 14-year-old Lipizzan X Lusitano, came into my life 12 years ago. For the past 12 years, we have taught each other about the equestrian arts.

I have been a member of USLR/USLF for the past 12 years, since my purchase and registration of Monarch. I enjoyed traveling to California for the 2012 Symposium, meeting many of the USLF members. I began contributing to the USLF NEWS back in 2010; I contribute an article or two each year.  I have facilitated in rehoming an older Lipizzan, while bringing two new families into the USLF membership. As the sole owner of a Lipizzan in my region, Monarch and I have served as Ambassadors for the breed. Through his good looks and training, he has raised positive awareness of the Lipizzan breed.  

As a longtime member of the United States Dressage Federation, I am active in my local GMO through scribing, writing articles, and serving as Education Chair. I have contributed articles to my regional dressage association, Region 5, and participated in the Board of Governors annual meeting last year.  

Raising my daughter, I was a “horse mom,” helping her 4H club with Fair, fundraising, and teaching English riding.  As a Pony Club mom, I was the Education Coordinator for the local chapter, and Treasurer for the Regional Pony Club Association, encompassing Colorado and Wyoming.

As a teacher, I have served in numerous leadership roles, including US Department of Education Teaching Fellow, Colorado Department of Education co-author of Standards, and facilitator for the Institute of Aesthetic Education. With my passion for education, I will work to develop opportunities to provide USLF members with continuing education. As an English rider in western Colorado, I know how challenging it can be to stay connected with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

As an artist & art teacher, I will use my creative skills to “think outside the box” in ways to connect our far-flung organization, such as the new LOL activities. As a Teaching Fellow and CDE Standards author, I have experience working remotely with colleagues across the US.

Throughout my career, I have practiced collegiality and collaboration. I am prepared to serve on the USLF Board to promote and preserve the Lipizzan breed, as well as bring our membership closer through education and action.

Jennifer Roth

My addiction to Lipizzans started in 1971.  I was 15 years old, and passionately wanted to learn Dressage.  Charles de Kunffy, whom at that time was my riding instructor and high school teacher, said I needed to go to Europe to ride schoolmasters, as there were none in the US.  My brave mother allowed me to go to Karlsruhe, Germany, at Von Neindorff's, one of the most famous riding schools in the world.  Egon Von Neindorff had a few Lipizzaners there as schoolmasters; they were well trained but could be very naughty.

Since the late 80's, early nineties, I have trained and competed many Lipizzans (and other breeds) to numerous USDF National Championships through the FEI levels.  In 1990 I began a Lipizzan breeding program. I have visited four European state Lipizzan studs - Piber, Lipica, several different ones in Romania including Sambata de Jos, and the National Stud Szilvásvárad in Hungary.  In 1996, Dr Oulehla invited me to attend the selection of young stock in Piber.  This was an unforgettable experience at that time, spending the weekend with Chief riders Herr Reigler and Herr Kottas.

In 1997, I began a now long-standing relationship with Chief Rider and Director Andreas Hausberger as my riding instructor and dear friend.

I am a United States Equestrian Federation Dressage "S" judge and have been actively judging National shows since 1985.  

I am a Board member of the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation.  I do not know how long I have served on the USLF Board, on and off since the 90's.  I have seen many decades of positive change in USLR, now USLF.

I am proud of the commitment and achievements of the Federation in the last several years.  I look forward to continued dedication to helping the Lipizzan community.