Sarah Casey

Sarah Casey

position: director at large

CANDIDATE: Sarah Casey - NY

Personal Statement - Somewhere near the age of ten, I was lucky enough to cross paths with the first Lipizzan in my life.   It was all a matter of knowing the right person at the right time.   All I knew from that point on was that I wanted to learn to ride just like the riders at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna!   Nearly 30 years later, I have my own well-established dressage training facility in NY where we breed and train Lipizzan horses, and I teach riders from all walks of life about dressage and life with Lipizzan horses.   I am also a member of USDF, USEF, and hope to eventually become a dressage judge.   I hope that my time as a board member will play a role in ensuring a healthy and thriving interest in this wonderful breed from the greater equestrian community in North America.   

Candidate Statement -My experience with the Lipizzan breed started approximately 27 years ago, beginning with spending daily quality time around them, and then riding them for the better part of two decades.  For almost as long, I have been involved in breeding them, first only as assistant and eventually as owner/breeder.   For the last 15 years I have been professionally training Lipizzans as well.  I receive ongoing assistance from the world’s foremost authorities in training this breed of horse.

With a special interest in the science behind genetics and biology (Bachelor of Science in Zoology), I hope to further explore ongoing studies in the genetics of the Lipizzan horse.   I have attended breed inspections for Lipizzans dating back to 2002, and have also hosted two inspections for Lipizzans since the start of my business. 

I feel that I could also contribute in the area of rare breed initiatives, having years of experience in training as well as exhibiting Lipizzans, Friesians, Fjords, Akhal Tekes, and Icelandic horses.  

Over the years of caring for Lipizzan horses from various bloodlines and numerous countries, I have always been willing to research and try cutting edge treatments for health issues particular to the breed.

With a strong interest in the history of the breed, I became heavily invested in the future of the breed in the U.S. from both a personal and professional standpoint.  This could be of benefit as a member of the Historical committee.       

I am an active member with social media and am willing to share breeding, training, and horse health experiences in order to contribute to the ongoing discourse, both online and in print.

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