Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips



I am a "R" dressage judge and own Mississippi View Farm,  a dressage training facility in Minnesota. I have taught dressage for over 30 years, with many clients competing through FEI levels.  

I became a "Lipizzan person" seven years ago when I became the rescue home for a 7-yr-old unbroken Lipizzan stallion Neapolitano Wandosa ll. I have since acquired a number of mares, and now have the largest number of young Lipizzans in the US, and have sold young horses throughout the country. I have also taken 8 Lipizzans to USEF dressage competitions, with several Regional Champions, and placings at US Nationals. 

Most importantly, I have developed a passion for this breed that makes me want to increase my involvement with the  national and international Lipizzan community. I truly believe this breed has a place in the dressage community, especially amongst the fastest growing demographic, the adult amateur.

Since I was elected as a USLF Director, I have been part of two USLF Lipizzan evaluations and helped to launch the 2018 Masterclass for evaluations.  In 2018 I also attended the LIF meeting and Judges Training Programs. 

As Chair of USLF Promotions, I and my team have helped the USLF become a greater presence on Facebook and across social media.  I am also a  member of the USLF Breeders committee and hope to continue my work there to insure the future of our breed in this critical time. I firmly believe that exposure to the public is critical, whether it is showing, expos, mounted archery, or trail riding, and will continue to encourage people in all these endeavors. 

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