Katherine Arce

Katherine Arce

Position: Director at Large

Candidate: kATHERINE aRCE - nm (INCUMBENT)

I have been involved with Lipizzans for over 18 years and I currently have two purebreds. In my professional life am a Spanish teacher who works with teenagers, and when I have some personal time, I enjoy recreational riding and educational/training experiences to benefit myself and my horses. I also enjoy networking with other Lipizzan owners across the globe to foment relationships that “preserve, promote, and protect” the breed.  

I was a founding member and the Vice President of the regional Lipizzan group, the Southwest Lipizzan Association, that was active in 2004-2009.  

I have been involved with the USLF for over a decade, and I am a current USLF board member who seeks re-election. I  serve as the chair of the newsletter committee, and prior to my board position I was the newsletter editor for two years. I am also a founding committee member of the LOL committee, and I continue to serve this USLF program.

As a board member my mission has been to serve the many generous and wonderful folks who love this breed, and to insure vitality and vibrancy of the Lipizzan horse. If I am reelected, I plan to continue to contribute to the efforts of the USLF to be a strong breed registry that consistently provides resources and support for owners and horses.

I know that the effort I put into the breed today will have effects that reach far into the future.  (For this reason, I believe the newsletter serves a vital role in providing information for the members as well as serving as an archival document for future generations. ) 

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