Board of Directors

November 2016

Welcome to new Board Members Lisa Kelly Simmons, Margaret Tremain, and Sally Temple and thank you to June Boardman, Don Holthofer and Cheri Isgreen for your volunteer years of service to the USLF as officers and directors.

2016-17 Board of Directors

  • Lisa Kelly Simmons, President (Oregon)
  • Lynn Smith, Vice President (Oregon)
  • Muffin Smith, Secretary (Virginia) 
  • Margaret Tremain, Treasurer (Washington)
  • Rennie Squier, Director/Registrar (Oregon) 
  • Gayla Edwards, Director (Montana)
  • Jennifer Roth, Director (North Carolina)
  • Sally Temple, Director (Oregon)

To contact a board member please email or call the USLF office.
Office Phone: 503-589-3172
Office Email:

Our USLF Directors are volunteers and each year 4 of the 8 Director positions are elected by our members. The 4 positions include election of the President or Vice President of the Board on alternate years.  The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed each year by the Board.  Each board member term is for two years, but there are no re-election limits.