2018-19 USLF Leadership

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The recent election of the 2018-2019 USLF Board of Directors includes Pres: Lisa K. Simmons, VP: Lynn Smith, Sec: Ellen Chappell, Treas: Muffin Smith, and Directors-at-Large Katherine Arce, Kate Phillips, Jennifer Roth, and Rennie Squier (Registrar). We wish to thank Margaret Tremaine for her term as Treasurer and Diane Schultheis for her service as Secretary.

We also thank Sean Patton for participating as an excellent candidate. Sean has volunteered to take on the responsibility joining our core volunteer group and I am very grateful that he will be stepping into a leadership position as Chair of the EX-Team.* Welcome Sean!!!

*EX-Team: our new awesome name for the formerly awkwardly named "Expo/Exhibit/Show Banner & Promotional Materials Committee"


Lynn Smith, Talent, OR - Vice President - Incumbent


When I originally ran for a position on the USLF Board of Directors in 2015 I introduced myself by how I am known on Facebook – Stuart Smith.  Since then, hopefully, I have become better known to you as Lynn Smith. 

Since taking up the position of Board Member and Vice President I have worked to fulfill the responsibilities and carry out the duties.  As Vice President those have included organizing the Annual Meeting and on alternate years the bigger USLF Symposium. 

As a Director there comes the responsibility of committee support and oversight.  I chose the Youth and Amateur Development committee with the goal of bringing younger members into the organization through the process of examining the challenges and developing approaches that will help sustain our organization. This will be an on-going effort.  Youth may be the future of this organization, but through the course of this examination, we have also recognized the depth and value of our senior members and I will continue to reach out in that direction as well. 

I continue to believe in the efforts of the Loving Our Lipizzans Committee. We are working to develop new avenues of engagement and support for our members and are currently opening new conversations and interactive activities. There is education, value and fun in this kind of discussion and in the activities that are offered in the LOL setting.  I encourage you to participate – the more the better. Please join this group through the new Members Only platform on the USLF website and participate in this program on facebook. 

It is the job of the USLF Board to move our organization forward and conduct the work of preserving, protecting and promoting the Lipizzan breed and I wish to continue to offer my time and experience.  I firmly believe that an organization is most vibrant when all members have a voice in the work and a channel through which they can be heard. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a participant in this effort and conversation.

The USLF is an organization with energy. New technology has moved projects forward, provided better access to our membership and herd data.  Improved practices are enhancing the outcomes and guiding the best use of our human resources. There is more underway, and I would like to continue to be part of this effort.

My Lipizzan experience and USLR and USLF membership go back over 20 years. We currently have four Lipizzan mares and time shared with two others who have crossed our path. They enrich me, test me, educate me and amaze me every day. I can’t imagine life without them.  My education and professional experience includes degrees in fine art, adult and community education, arts administration and professional services marketing.

Now that I have the experience of serving on the Board of Directors and as Vice President I am asking for your vote to continue in this position.

Thank you, Lynn Smith

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Ellen Chappell, Independence, OR - Director at-large and serving as Secretary


I would like to introduce myself to the members of the United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF).  My name is Ellen Chappell and I am running for Board of Directors.  Some of you may already know me and my Lipizzan mares, Arria (b. 2001, WHV) and Terra-Blanca (b. 2007, Ritter Dressage).  I live with my husband, Tony Cruz-Uribe, in Western Oregon.  We keep the Lipizzans and two Miniature Horses on 29 acres and grow grass hay.

Horses have been part of my life since I was a child. My grandfather raised show ponies and my mother drove and I rode.  In part, I worked my way through college as a groom at Arabian show and breeding barns.  Other than books and movies, I was first exposed to Lipizzans through a lesson program.  Through that opportunity, I came to love this remarkable breed and acquired Arria and later Terra-Blanca.  As an amateur owner, it was a slow process, but Arria has become a dependable, courageous mount.  We compete in Working Equitation and are doing our homework to move up the levels.  Last year we were 3rd in Intermediate A at the first WE United National Championships.   

Along with showing, I attend and organize Classical Dressage and Working Equitation clinics.  Clinic organization takes skills that will be useful to the board.  One must be a good communicator - written and verbal - be organized, yet flexible, and be able to focus on the needs of many - human and equine - while making sure the event is a success.  I am also the committee chair for our 2019 Lipizzan Calendar, one of USLF’s biggest fund raisers.  I am active in the Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club (PNLC) and have written articles for the USLF News. 

Professionally, I have been with HP in the printing business for 25 years.  With an advanced science degree, I have been a technical lead, a people manager and/or a program manager in R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and stewardship.  Communication, including listening skills, and flexibility are crucial in the corporate environment. I am open to learning and look for the ‘win-win’. I have experience working with people from many different cultures and parts of the world.  These experiences will be useful in this role; our connections to the worldwide Lipizzan community are critical. 

I have a passion for problem solving and for promoting the Lipizzan breed.  Breed promotion is why I initially started to show.  While we have much work to do, the recent rise in breeding and showing, along with an active Lipizzan social media community, makes me optimistic for the future of this noble horse in North America and abroad.  I’d like to do more to secure that future and would appreciate your vote for Board of Directors.  

Ellen Chappell

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Sean Patton, Goldendale, WA was a great candidate and now volunteers as chair of the EX-Team (See * above)


My name is Sean Patton I am most known for my work with the now late Maestoso Aurorra “Gunnie” and Conversano Cascadia II “Caruso” in packing, trail riding, and Western type riding.

I participated in the 2017 Albany, Oregon Northwest Horse Expo with Conversano Cascadia II where we displayed proper horse packing in front of large crowds.  I have also given demos at Sportsman shows with Conversano Cascadia II, Maestoso Aurorra, Favory Onikita, and Mylagra.  I was at the 2017 Symposium in Olympia, WA, where Conversano Cascadia II and I participated in Mounted Archery and Trail riding/packing demos.

My competition records include Mountain Trail or ETS type trail competitions with “Slick” my 16.2H Quarter Horse, together we have placed well and earned awards such as “best pair”.  In addition to horses I earned my Eagle Scout award from Boy Scouts of America in 2008 and still volunteer with them. Some other hobbies include Mountaineering, camping/hiking with my family, working at my job on the cherry orchard, and fishing.

My passion is getting youth involved in the Lipizzan breed as well as showing off the versatility of the Lipizzan.

Sean Patton

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Jennifer Roth, Rutherfordton, NC - Director at-large - continues


My addiction to Lipizzans started in 1971.  I was 15 years old and passionately wanted to learn Dressage.  Charles de Kunffy, who at that time was my riding instructor and high school teacher, said I needed to go to Europe to ride schoolmasters, as there were none in the US.  My brave mother allowed me to go to Karlsruhe, Germany, at Von Neindorff's, one of the most famous riding schools in the world.  Egon Von Neindorff had a few Lipizzaners there as schoolmasters; they were well trained but could be very naughty.

Since the late 80's, early nineties, I have trained and competed many Lipizzans (and other breeds) to numerous USDF National Championships through the FEI levels.  In 1990 I began a Lipizzan breeding program. I have visited several European state Lipizzan studs - Piber, Lipica, several different ones in Romania including Sambata de Jos/Beclean, and the National Stud Szilvásvárad and Babolna in Hungary.  In 1996, Dr. Oulehla invited me to attend the selection of young stock in Piber.  This was an unforgettable experience at that time, spending the weekend with Chief riders Herr Reigler and Herr Kottas. In 2005, I imported a magnificent Romanian stallion who was born in Dalnic, a stud farm that no longer exists. 

In 1997, I began a now long-standing relationship with Chief Rider and Director Andreas Hausberger as my riding instructor and dear friend.

I am a United States Equestrian Federation Dressage "S" judge and have been actively judging National shows since 1985 in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  I am also a Board member of the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation.  I do not know how long I have served on the USLF Board, on and off since the 90's.  I have seen many decades of positive change in USLR, now USLF.

I bring to the USLF significant volume and depth of knowledge and understanding of not just the Lipizzan but of classical and sport horses overall.  The Lipizzan breed is centuries older than any of us which makes correct conservatorship of this historic Baroque breed crucial.  My years of going to many evaluations here, in Piber and in Slovenia, as well as visiting Sambata De Jos/Beclean, and Babolna (Hungary, but now only breeds Arabians and Shagyas) have convinced me that should the Lipizzan's baroque type be lost, we cannot turn back the clock to restore 450 years of history to recreate it.  As a Director, I will work to maintain the balance between member programs and breed preservation and help develop educational and training opportunities to appreciate and protect our Lipizzans. 

I am proud of the commitment and achievements of the Federation in the last several years.  I look forward to continued dedication to helping the Lipizzan community.

 Jennifer Roth

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Margaret ("Muffin") Smith, Moneta, VA -Returned to serve as Treasurer

Chessie and me3.jpg

It is with pleasure that I ask for your vote to serve on the USLF Board of Directors.

I’ve been fascinated by the Lipizzan breed and its noble history since childhood and when my husband and I bought our first two Lipizzans in 1997, it was a dream come true.  Currently, three Lipizzans live with us and grace our barn.  I have attended USLR/USLF annual meetings since 1999 and served as a USLR/USLF Director since early 2003, when the Board appointed me to complete the term of a departing Board member.  I was elected to a Director seat in 2003 and served as Secretary from 2005 to 2017, when I left the Board.  Since 2003, I have also served on the Bylaws committee, have chaired it since 2007, continue to chair it today, and helped form the updated bylaws in 2004, 2010, and 2013.  I also currently serve on our Show and Awards committee. 

I also served on the Board of Directors and as Secretary to the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation from its beginning in 2010 to 2012.  More recently, I’ve attended the Lipizzan International Federation Judges Training in Lipica, Slovenia, the LIF’s General Assembly annual meeting in the Czech Republic, both in 2014, and last year’s LIF’s General Assembly in Slovenia. 

My past accomplishments include trademarking the USLF logo in 2013 and developing breed partnerships with the American Driving Society (ADS), the largest carriage driving organization in the U.S.   I also serve as Treasurer for the Mid-Atlantic Lipizzan Association, one of the USLR/USLF’s oldest clubs, whose hard-working, enthusiastic members organize the Lipizzan Breed class at the prestigious Dressage at Devon event. 

To the USLF Board I bring my education and my work experiences in the Federal Government as well as my love for Lipizzans.  After earning an MBA in 1976, I did PhD. work in 1978-79 in Business Administration, while working for the U.S. Department of Treasury.  I retired from the Treasury in 2001 after serving as financial analyst, economist, and general computer geek for 24 years.

The USLF is growing!  Its member services and its promotion and preservation efforts for the Lipizzan breed go well beyond that of a mere breed registry.  Our Lipizzan community is vital, congenial, and collegial!  The USLF’s partners make Lipizzans visible in the equestrian world and showcase the breed’s special versatility, the USEF, the USDF, the American Driving Society, the Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) and the Working Equitation community.  Our organization is actively embracing an exciting future full of opportunities and it is with the hope of returning to a very rewarding enterprise that I ask you to return me to the USLF Board.

Thank you!

Muffin Smith

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