2014 Breed Evaluations and Breeder's Seminars

Our evaluator was Dr.Yvonne Peeters from the Netherlands.  In addition to evaluating horses, Dr. Peeters also presented a seminar at most locations on the classic Lipizzan breed standard that was also available to auditors.

Aug. 17 Connecticut, Evaluations, Susan Castle and Keith Duly

Aug 18-20 Illinois, Evaluations and Seminar, Temple Farm north of Chicago

Aug 24-26 Washington, Evaluations and Seminar, White Horse Vale, Goldendale, WA

Aug 30 California Evaluations, Barbara Gjerset, Tujunga, CA

Chronicle of2014 Pacific Northwest USLF Breeding Stock Evaluations and Judges’ Training Seminar

On Sunday, August 24th 2014, the USLF 2014 Evaluation Tour came to the Pacific Northwest. The evaluation and seminar was hosted at White Horse Vale in Goldendale WA.

Thirteen horses from throughout the northwest region of North America were presented. Horses came from as far as Canada and as nearby as White Horse Vale’s own pastures. Dr. Yvonne Peeters, a veterinarian from the Netherlands, was the judge for the evaluation.

On Sunday morning, all 13 horses were measured for height, barrel girth, and cannon bone circumference. Dr. Peeters explained that such measurements are necessary to be sure that we follow the LIF’s Breed Standard which says that height for mature stallions should be 155 – 158 CM (about 15.1 – 15.2 hands) while larger or smaller horses can be approved if they have very good breed type and characteristics.

Sunday afternoon, all 13 horses were evaluated. Dr. Peeters explained that a score of 68% for mares and 75% for stallions was required and that any individual score lower than 5 would result in a horse not being approved regardless of the final score. The horses were evaluated on type (including breed, gender, harmony and general impression) as well as various conformation points and correctness and quality of gaits. Dr. Peeters gave each horse’s score and her reasons for the score.

Of the thirteen horses, some were disqualified due to serious conformation faults. Others were not approved for the stud book because they lacked type. In the end, 7 mares were approved for breeding:

Onikita 78.5% owned by Deby Robinson
Valencia II 76.5% owned by Arne Hettman
Nautika II 75.5% owned by Rennie Squier and Karen Delano
Mylagra 74.5% owned by June Boardman
Troja 3 72.5% owned by Sherrie-Anne Chisholm
Omaha 71.5% owned by June Boardman
Aquila 71% owned by June Boardman and Deb Hutchings

The gelding Maestoso Troja owned and bred by St. Cloud Ranch was the high scoring horse with 80% and was the only male horse whose score would have resulted in approval. Dr. Peeters expressed her disappointment that this fine horse had been gelded as he was everything a Lipizzan stallion should be. Since the horse’s semen was collected before he was gelded, USLF Director June Boardman announced the Breeding Committee’s decision that, if Maestoso Troja’s sperm produced 5 approved offspring, he would be included in the USLF’s stud book.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dr. Peeters conducted a training seminar on how to evaluate horses. There were a large number of participants in the seminar:

Deb Hutchings, Nancy Van Deen, Kayley Patton, June Boardman, Sirinda Krueger, Katrina Pec, Sherrie-Anne Chisholm, Paula Scrase, Charity Scrase, Frances Weeks, John D'Addamio, Jan D'Addamio, Lisa Simmons, Kathy Kelly, Rennie Squier, Sydney Endow, Ellen Chappell, Muffin Smith, Jennifer Roth

The seminar included a lecture on the breed’s history, the LIF’s breed standard, and type variations seen in various studs around the world.

Late Monday afternoon, Dr. Peeters guided seminar participants through the procedure for evaluating horses with one horse. All day Tuesday was spent practicing evaluating the nine horses that host June Boardman had arranged. Dr. Peeters and clinic participants expressed their gratitude for the number and variety of horses for practice judging. It was a very educational few days and a lot of fun!