For Immediate Release - October 7th, 2011

The United States Lipizzan Federation – Where Pedigree Meets Performance

Today, on the opening day of the Lipizzan International Federation’s (LIF) annual meeting in Lipica, Slovenia, LIF Treasurer, Senior International Advisor to the United States Lipizzan Registry (USLR), and President of the American Lipizzan Breeders Association (ALBA) Ingun Littorin announced the unification of ALBA and USLR to form the United States Lipizzan Federation.

Since its inception in 1995, the American Lipizzan Breeders Association has been committed to protecting the classical breed standard of the Lipizzan through its support of breed evaluations and its development of the only studbook in North America which records and publishes evaluation and performance results. The USLF will continue supporting ALBA’s evaluation program and its studbook and continue the work ALBA has begun to develop and deploy a judges’ training program, expanding the evaluation process throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Organized in 1980, the United States Lipizzan Registry was incorporated 1986 as a non-profit corporation by Lipizzan enthusiasts committed to the preservation and promotion of the Lipizzan horse in the United States. Today with over 200 active members, the USLR has registered almost 1,500 purebred Lipizzans in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, more than any other Lipizzan registry in North America. In addition, the USLR’s database of over 4,700 Lipizzans includes many purebred Lipizzans from stud farms worldwide. Taking its Lipizzan breed conservation commitment seriously, the USLR carefully researches all pedigrees presented for registration consistent with LIF standards. The USLR also separately registers part-bred Lipizzans, completing the accounting of Lipizzan presence and widening the pool of members to involve all possible Lipizzan owners. Since 2010, the USLR has helped move the Lipizzan into the public spotlight by becoming an Affiliated Association of the United States Equestrian Federation. The USLF will assume the USLR’s databases of Lipizzan pedigrees and will continue separately registering both purebred and part-bred Lipizzans. The USLF also plans to maintain Affiliated Association status with the USEF and to continue publishing the USLR’s informative, thirty-plus page, quarterly newsletter.

Moving beyond being a mere registry, the United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) has positioned itself to grow into the future to support both Lipizzan owners and riders with programs and resources that will preserve the Lipizzan’s classical heritage, highlight its historical importance and showcase its accomplishments as a multi-talented and versatile equine partner for the ages.

The USLF welcomes Lipizzans and their owners from all the Americas to become participating members and offers associate membership to Lipizzan enthusiasts worldwide. Please address any inquiries to

The USLF is where Lipizzan pedigree meets Lipizzan performance.  Please visit the USLF's website for more information on these talented horses, on the USLF organization itself, and on joining this forward-thinking organization.

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