The United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) researches and registers North American Lipizzan horses, and maintains a studbook of evaluated breeding horses. Our virtual office provides quick response to various inquiries. Our storefront has available Lipizzan-related materials.  Our Facebook pages and this website provide timely information and resources.  We are a non-profit organization governed and run by volunteer members.  

Our broadly spread membership contains experienced and novice owners who are devoted to the welfare of the Lipizzan. The lively facebook page, a quarterly newsletter and annual symposium provide multple opportunties for communication and education. Members are encouraged to participate in this organization and there are annual elections.  All levels of membership include a subscription to the quarterly USLF News.


Business Overview

The USLF maintains an internationally recognized registry of North American Lipizzans, and a studbook of evaluated breeding horses. Recreational and educational activities are supported and performance awards are presented.*


Memberships are available  for enthusiasts as well as for owners.  Help to preserve and support this rare horse breed. Become a member of the U.S. Lipizzan Federation (USLF). Membership year is April 1st through March 31st. Join early for an extended year.

Who belongs to the USLF?

  • People who own, ride, and/or train Lipizzans.
  • People who don’t own a Lipizzan (yet) but appreciate this noble breed.

Why is it important to support the USLF?

The Lipizzan is a very rare breed with a fascinating history. Only a few thousand exist in the world. More Lipizzans live in the U.S. than in any other country, so we Americans have a big responsibility. We’re concerned about making sure the breed itself is preserved, of course. But it’s also important to be sure the classical standard is preserved. Many horse people think the “old-style” Morgan horses’ and Quarter Horses’ qualities were bred out. Wouldn’t it be a shame to look back in 30-50 years and think, “Where are the classical Lipizzans?”.

What does the U.S. Lipizzan Federation do?

  • We register Lipizzans and Lipizzan crosses.
  • We ensure a horse’s breed and lineage are verified via DNA testing, the most crucial part of all of our registrations for both purebred and crossbred.
  • We help new Lipizzan owners stay connected with other Lipizzan owners.
  • We help identify “lost” Lipizzans when necessary, and if we have to, we’ll help them be rescued or placed.
  • We actively educate Lipizzan breeders and owners (as well as the public) about breed standards, good breeding practices, baroque horse events, etc. via an annual symposium, educational festivals and outreach programs, clinics, a quarterly newsletter, this web site, and sponsorship of Lipizzan classes at recognized USDF shows.
  • We help to promote the breed to horse people and lay people interested in trainable, athletic, versatile horses.

The U.S. Lipizzan Federation formed in 2011 with the merger of the American Lipizzan Breeders Association (ALBA) and the U.S. Lipizzan Registry (USLR).  See Historical Press Release for information on the original organizations.  Moving beyond being a mere registry, the United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) has positioned itself to grow into the future to support both Lipizzan owners and riders with programs and resources that will preserve the Lipizzan’s classical heritage, highlight its historical importance and showcase its accomplishments as a multi-talented and versatile equine partner for the ages.

This comprehensive organization:
  • Registers purebred and half-Lipizzans in North America. See the Registration Guide and Rules for Registration.
  • Conducts horse evaluations and seminars to educate breeders on Lipizzan history and breed standards. Maintains a Studbook of evaluated purebred Lipizzans in North America.
  • Issues a quarterly magazine, the USLF NEWS.
  • Recognizes individuals who excel in competition through an awards program.
  • Is afiliated with the US Equestrian Federation, US Dressage Federation, American Driving Society, Western Dressage Association of America, American Competitive Trail Horse Association, Lipizzan International Federation, Lipizzan Rescue Foundation and the Regional Pacific Northwest Lipizzan Club.
  • Supports opportunities for breed promotion.
  • Fosters a community spirit between Lipizzan breeders, owners and enthusiasts. The member locator map is useful for finding nearby members.

Various membership types are available for registered Lipizzan owners and Lipizzan enthusiasts are welcome to join as non-voting Associate Members. All members receive the USLF NEWS and are welcome to join in our activities. The membership year is from April 1 through March 31 and those who join after January enjoy an extended year.

The USLF is a democratic organization with 8 directors elected to 2-year terms. Our members staff a variety of committees including Finance, Registration, Breeding, Outreach -Quarterly Journal, Website, Facebook, Show, Promotion, Historic and Loving our Lipizzan.

A selection of activities supported by USLF (as ALBA and USLR) over the past few years include:

  • Equine Affaire in Springfield MA – 7 Lipizzans and many volunteers including the Mid-Atlantic Lipizzan Association (MALA)
  • Horse Expo in Timonium MD – MALA run with 4 Lipizzans and many volunteers Equine Affaire in Pomona CA – 4 Lipizzans and many volunteers, including the American Lipizzan Breeders Association (ALBA)
  • USLR vacation package auction/fund raiser on eBay
  • Lipizzan Symposium in Las Vegas NV
  • Dressage at Devon Lipizzan Breed Class
  • Dressage at Tempel class sponsorship
  • 2010 Lipizzan Calendar
  • Lipizzan article and advertising in Equine Journal (April 2010)
  • USLF Quarterly News
  • Co-op advertising Equine Journal 09, Special Romantic Breed Edition
  • Spokane Sport Horse 3rd Annual Breeder’s Classic – sponsor High Point Lipizzan Award
  • Ft. Vancouver Chapter Dressage & Sport Horse Breeding Show -sponsor High Point Lipizzan Award

Additional information: